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January 2018

Use of Wearable Technology in Remote Evaluation of Acute Stroke Patients: Feasibility and Reliability of Xpert Eye


August 2017

Google Glass is back, but for these people the AR wearable never went away.

August 2017

MBTA Workers Will Use Augmented Reality Glasses to Make Repairs Faster

June 2017

Vuforia’s Project Chalk: Remote Presence Capabilities in Augmented Reality

May 2017

AMA XpertEye won smartrail awards 2017!

April 2017

Who are the winners of the SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2017?

April 2017

Rail and Metro Innovators rewarded at SmartRail Europe.

Octobre 2016

AMA Xpert Eye

August 2016

Commuter Rail Workers in Boston Are About to Get Bionic Eyes

August 2016

Keolis will use virtual reality goggles to speed up maintenance

August 2016

Commuter Rail Maintenance to Use Virtual Reality Goggles

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