Audit & Inspection

Audit & Inspection

Audit & Inspection

Accurate and consistent paperless inspections

Prevent process deviations and detect any non-compliance by managing procedures, work instructions, and inspections digitally from any device. Benefit from data traceability, compliance tracking, and powerful analytics as users go through digital workflows. And get an expert involved for immediate support if needed.
  • Improvement of overall equipment effectiveness

  • Reduction in quality complaints

  • Continuously improved processes

  • Increased operational efficiency and safety

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Quality assurance

Prevent process deviations and quality defects by digitally managing procedures, work instructions, and inspections from any device. Get an expert involved for immediate support using remote assistance.


Go for digital audit workflows to detect any non-compliance. Check every step, take notes, and record proof by taking pictures or recording sound and/or video to send precise descriptions to the maintenance service for a better follow-up.

Equipment inspections

Drive continuous improvements with planned and ad-hoc inspections. Through virtual collaboration and real-time guidance, experts can remotely assess and inspect equipment, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and safety without the need for physical presence.

Declaration of non-compliance

Register voice notes, pictures, and videos when detecting any default and automatically alert maintenance teams by sending this detailed information.

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