Bringing the digital revolution to healthcare

Provide care without limits and improve patient outcomes with the assistance of a more experienced peer, or clinical support representative anytime, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Improved patient care

  • Quick access to a specialist

  • Enhanced accuracy

  • Enhanced skill transfer


Remote physicians can guide on-site healthcare personnel through medical procedures. This eliminates the need for caregivers to rely solely on their own vision when performing intricate tasks, as they can now utilize remote assistance for over-the-shoulder support.

Remote medical proctoring

Telementoring allows the best KOLs in the world to connect with surgeons in the OR to collaborate, guide, share best practices, and help them make the right decisions.

Medical procedures

The digitalization of medical procedures allows the automation of routine tasks, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare staff and the risk of human error.

Emergency care

The emergency medical dispatcher can securely share a link via SMS or email with the caller. With a simple click and without downloading an app, the caller can accept the invitation, allowing the dispatcher to observe the situation through the camera of the smartphone.

Live surgery

Smart glasses provide surgeons instant access to vital patient information, eliminating the need for paper or record searches during emergency surgeries, ultimately saving valuable time and lives.

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