AI Report

AI Report:
Transforming XE sessions into actionable insights

Transforming XE sessions into actionable insights

Witness AI Report in action

Transform your data into professional reports in seconds. Bid farewell to hours spent crafting reports—let our intelligent tool do the work for you. Watch our video to discover a game-changing approach to decision-making.

Explore what is possible

Elevate your XE sessions into high-impact reviews with real-time insights
that guide decision-making and drive your organization forward.

Experience unparalleled clarity!

Discover clear, accurate transcripts and seamless translations in multiple languages, ensuring comprehensive understanding and global accessibility without losing the essence of the original message.

Review the moments that matter.

The video recording captures your sessions with optimal clarity, ensuring every gesture and expression is preserved for comprehensive review and engagement. Plus, with our multilingual subtitles feature, you can enjoy and share your content across a global audience, transcending language barriers and enhancing understanding.

Get the essence without the excess!

Our AI distills sessions into high-impact summaries, highlighting crucial insights and takeaways, saving you time while keeping you informed. These powerful summaries are available in multiple languages, ensuring key information is accessible and understandable to a diverse, global audience. 

Never miss who said what.

Our AI meticulously tracks and identifies speakers, providing a clear, interactive timeline of contributions for enhanced follow-up and participant recognition.

Navigate with ease!

Our AI smartly segments sessions into topics and chapters, allowing you to effortlessly locate and focus on the content that matters most to you.

Task list & Action points

From insights to actions! Our AI effortlessly converts discussions into specific tasks, ensuring every insight not only sparks action but also drives progress with defined accountability.

Generative AI excellence

Experience the fusion of advanced LLM integration and uncompromised data privacy.
Secure and private by design

All data generated by the AI Report will be temporarily available in a Data Locker - a secure container for encrypted data - ensuring utmost safety and privacy.

AI integration

You can effortlessly incorporate the AI Report into your daily workflow by connecting it with essential applications like ERP, CRM, and DMS.

LLM integration

We combine the power of large language models (LLMs) such as GPT, Llama, and Mistral with your organization’s data to unlock new dimensions of productivity.

AI-powered smart glasses

Our smart glasses blend AI technology with real-world interaction, offering unparalleled efficiency and immersive experiences in work and learning environments.

AI Report made for you

Activate your AI Report for XE aR and XE aR+

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

Which products is the AI Report compatible with?

The AI Report can be activated for XE aR and XE aR+.

Will the activation of the AI Report degrade the quality of my XE session?

No, the activation of the AI Report will not have any impact on the video or audio quality of your XE session.

Will the activation of the AI Report increase battery consumption of my smartphone or my smart glasses?

No, the activation of the AI Report will not impact the battery consumption of your devices.

Do I have to activate the AI Report at the beginning of the XE session?

You can activate the AI Report at any time. However, the recording only starts the moment you activate the functionnality.

When will the AI Report be made available?

As default, the AI Report will be available for downloading from the Data Locker during 48h after the XE session.

How can I access the AI Report?

You can access the AI Report by clicking on the Menu button in XE aR and XE aR+.

Can I customize the AI Report for my company?

Yes, several options are available. Please contact your dedicated Technical Account Manager to learn all the possibilities.

When initiating the AI Report, why must I select a primary session language?

The selected language serves as the foundational language for the meeting transcript, which can subsequently be converted into over 20 different languages.