Hydrite® Teams Up with AMA XpertEye to Launch RITE-Sight™ for Real-Time Remote Support, Service, and Collaboration

BROOKFIELD, Wis., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydrite®, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, is launching a new AR (assisted-reality) program, RITE-Sight™, to support customers and field service personnel, which leverages XpertEye, a solution developed by AMA. RITE-Sight™ is a web-based remote collaboration solution, providing on-demand access to technical experts to [...]

Developer Smartglasses To Accelerate Head Worn Ecosystem and Enable Sustainable Growth

Company fast-tracks modular XR hardware so industry first movers can focus on the development of software experiences Sunnyvale, CA, May 18, 2021.  DigiLens Inc., an innovator in holographic waveguide display technology for extended reality (XR), today announced Design v1, the first pair of smartglasses from the Visualize Framework, designed to power the XR industry forward [...]

XpertEye for the remote guy

A MINING industry service provider has turned to assisted reality to improve the safety and productivity of its workers. In 2020 Sodexo piloted 11 pairs of smart glasses using Advanced Mobile Applications' XpertEye AR software across sites as part of a mining contract in Western Australia. With the glasses city-based workers could see through the [...]

AMA reinforces its presence in North America with new Montréal office

AMA, a pioneer in smart workplace solutions using assisted reality, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Montréal, Canada. The new location will enable AMA to better reach customers and prospects in the region. AMA: HELPING FRONTLINE WORKERS CONNECT WITH EXPERTS IN INDUSTRIAL, MANUFACTURING, SERVICE AND TELEMEDICINE ENVIRONMENTS AMA has developed […]


KPMG deploys AMA’s XpertEye technology for remote inventory review

Smart glasses wearable headsets enhance audit quality by providing live video streams to enhance accuracy and participation of inventory observation stakeholders -- Protect health and safety of auditors and reduce risk of exposure to infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. Audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG LLP deployed a new way to conduct remote inventory observations [...]

Albéa equips its industrial sites with smart glasses

Albéa has teamed up with AMA, the market leader in remote assistance solutions, to equip its industrial sites with smart glasses. Albéa Tubes sites in Europe and America already equipped Albéa Tubes’ sites in Europe and America have recently been equipped with smart glasses, enabling them to immerse their interlocutors within their site for an instant. These [...]

8 must-have features for any remote assistance solution

When there is a breakdown in a production line, time is of the essence. To restart the work, operators must get the malfunctioning equipment up and running as soon as possible. In the past, a technical expert would have had to fly out to the site and physically inspect the equipment, guiding the on-site operators […]

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Remote Maintenance with Smart Glasses – Practical Experiences

When Sack & Kiesselbach investigated the new opportunities offered by smart glasses regarding maintenance work carried out via a computer in Meerbusch, they had no idea how quickly COVID-19 was to make international travel impossible… ‘Actually’, says Markus Schlein, CEO of Sack & Kiesselbach, ‘we were only looking for a way to make remote maintenance [...]


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