XpertEye aR

Device agnostic

Works on any connected device (smartphone, tablet, or PC)

Easy & fast setup

Browser-based, no app installation is required

Highly secure

SSL connection, TLS encryption, confidential mode, no data storage, HIPAA compliant

Remote collaboration on any device

With XE aR, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. Simply go to xe.live and initiate or join a live, HD collaborative call with your team, clients, or subcontractors. You can easily invite guests by sending a link via SMS or email. XE aR is device-agnostic and works seamlessly with popular web browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Key features

Guest invitation

Effortlessly send an invitation link via SMS or email, enabling guests to hop into the conversation with a simple click – no app download or installation required. This is spontaneous collaboration at its finest!

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Different points of view

Experience the power of perspective by sharing up to 4 different POVs. With remote control over each camera, understanding and problem-solving have never been more efficient or comprehensive.

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Shared workspace

Transform your video call into an interactive playground! Draw, zoom, point, and write on a shared board or image, bringing your collaborations to life in real time.

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Seamlessly fuse our platform into your daily routine by connecting to your most-used software and applications. It’s all about enhancing your productivity without needing to leave your comfort zone.

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AI Report

Transform your data into professional reports in seconds. Bid farewell to hours spent crafting reports—let our intelligent tool do the work for you. Watch our video to discover a game-changing approach to decision-making.

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XE aR works on any device

Simply use your web browser to connect to xe.live

XE aR in action

Enhancing operational response

The SDIS 72 firefighters visualize incident danger with XE aR to adapt rescue resources and improve the interventions and care of the victims.

Improving customer experience

Customer service operators at Viessmann no longer work blindly, making the troubleshooting process more streamlined.

Saving lives

Remote vision empowers emergency services in French Guiana to accurately understand the circumstances of an emergency.

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