XpertEye applications

Single sign-on

Secure authentication with a single set of credentials for all apps

Online & offline

Seamless usage with or without an internet connection

Highly secure

ISO27001 certified, SSL connection, TLS encryption

Custom deployment

SaaS, dedicated SaaS
or on-premises

The XpertEye software suite powers the deskless workforce with instant access to company experts and up-to-date work instructions. Frontline workers can hereby capture and share knowledge, improve first-time fix rates, and drive operational efficiency.

Immediate remote visual assistance

XE aR instantly enables you to initiate or join an assisted Reality (aR) call from your web browser and

  • Connect with experts in real time, no matter where you are
  • Share your screen and get step-by-step guidance to resolve any issue
  • Record and upload to a knowledge base for later revision
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Efficient remote support with various video feeds

On top of the common XE aR core features, XE aR+ lets you

  • Work hands-free with smart glasses and display expertise in your field of view
  • Stream additional views from 3rd party cameras such as PTZ, connected glasses, endoscope, microscope, etc.
  • Benefit from a fully collaborative environment to rapidly troubleshoot and resolve issues together.
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Digitalized work instructions, checklists, and standard operating procedures

With XE Proceed, the ultimate solution for digitizing work instructions and inspections, you can

  • Automate routine tasks
  • Easily track progress and identify bottlenecks
  • Analyze results and identify areas for improvement
  • Achieve first-time-right efficiency
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Smart appointment scheduling

Book your XpertEye session and benefit from simplified synchronization with other existing platforms you already use. Xe Schedule lets you

  • Set the availability of each co-worker
  • Automate the sending of confirmation notifications, reminders, and appointment changes
  • Determine resource pools according to the department, skill, territory, or other and implement routing rules to make sure the right staff is booked for the right appointment
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