Customer Case Study Viessmann

Viessmann France teams up with Orange
Business to streamline troubleshooting
using XpertEye


For Viessmann France, winter is never a relaxing time. It is a season when the technical department is particularly busy. And with good reason: the Metz-based company, which employs 350 people at its French headquarters,markets a range of heating solutions, heat pumps, boilers, solar panels, hot water tanks, etc. When breakdowns and malfunctions of all kinds occur, calls to the customer service department are obviously urgent.

How to optimize interventions with remote troubleshooting during this critical period to act faster and more efficiently?


To address this challenge, Viessmann turned to its historical partner Orange Business. They propose a catalog of business applications, including XpertEye remote assistance. XpertEye is very easy to deploy and can be used by Viessmann technicians, its installation partners, and also directly by end customers.

XpertEye can be enhanced with smart glasses or other equipment, such as an endoscope, to provide even greater visualization capabilities. It can also be used to train employees, technicians, and experts on new products remotely.


• Enhanced troubleshooting

The customer service operators receive calls from Viessman technicians, partner companies (mainly installers) or even directly from end customers experiencing a problem. The operators were having difficulties in determining exactly the origin of a breakdown. Now, with XpertEye, the operator can simply send a link to the caller who then can show with his smartphone what he is experiencing, making the troubleshooting process more streamlined.

• Enriched customer experience

XpertEye’s strength is that it transforms the experience of all stakeholders. Customer service operators
no longer work blindly, and field technicians are supported in their work. As for the end customers,
they are more quickly considered and helped. The result: satisfaction for everyone!

• Improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

With this solution, technicians no longer have to travel systematically, since visualization allows for much more frequent remote resolutions. The resulting reduced carbon footprint makes it an ally of Viessman’s CSR policy. Fuel savings, fewer CO2 emissions, satisfaction of internal employees and external customers: a total win-win solution !

This has changed the way we work since we are saving time and have the opportunity to help the customer more effectively.

Frédéric Staub
Technical Support Manager Viessmann France