AMA & LLVision to provide an Assisted Reality solution for the industry and healthcare sector

Shanghai, China – August 19th, 2021– AMA, one of the world’s leading providers of remote collaboration solutions, announced today a partnership with China-based Augmented Reality (AR) company LLVision. AMA’s XpertEye remote assistance software will be integrated on LLVision’s smart glasses to provide global industrial and medical enterprises with a secure, easy-to-use Assisted Reality solution. The combined solution is ideally suited for communication on high bandwidth and low latency 5G networks and will help demonstrate specific 5G use cases.

With almost 10 years of proven experience in Assisted Reality, AMA’s smart workplace XpertEye has been deployed in more than 100 countries, serving over 450 customers with a wide range of applications such as remote maintenance, remote support, and remote training, through more than 800 projects.

The smart module on LLVision’s GLXSS SE weighs only 32g. The smart glasses integrate the brand new Laffe AI engine 2.0 and benefit from high computing power which allows field workers to easily share real-time information. In addition, the GLXSS SE have passed the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810G tests and can hereby be used in hazardous environments such as energy, chemical, and mining industries.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown the benefits of Assisted Reality-enhanced remote collaboration. It has allowed companies to ensure business continuity and has set a trend for a new, efficient way of working. On top of that, it has proven to be a powerful tool for reducing carbon emissions.

XpertEye, embedded in the LLVision’s AR glasses, is a must-have. The glasses are light, with perfect heat control, industrial triple protection, and a great price/performance ratio, making them an excellent fit for our customers.

LLVision provides outstanding hardware and efficient, integrated solutions for many well-known industrial and medical companies in China. Both AMA and LLVision have a deep understanding and experience serving companies from these two segments. In addition, LLVision’s R&D excels in technologies such as AR optics, AI algorithms, and digital twins. With this solid and long-term partnership AMA and LLVision will bring rich remote assistance solutions to users around the world.” says Scott Lai, Head of Sales China at AMA.

The collaboration between the two companies will focus on software and hardware integration, secure communication, one-stop delivery, and 5G applications demonstration.

AMA’s XpertEye remote collaboration platform on LLVision’s smart glasses provide:

  • Instant communication with remote experts to share expertise, prevent issues, and troubleshoot.
  • Global cloud services and secure network access to ensure security, reliability, and performance, with a reasonable cost of deployment for customers.
  • Localized support for key industrial and medical markets worldwide, with a timely response and proactive customer service.
  • Flexible invoicing methods that include leasing and sales, allowing to adapt to any customer, whatever their size and needs.
  • Active participation in the regional rollout of 5G industrial and medical applications.

We are proud to collaborate with AMA and giving customers access to the widely recognized XpertEye software to benefit from a user-friendly, secure communication experience. I believe that XpertEye and LLVision AR glasses are a perfect combination to offer industrial and healthcare enterprises a global, high-performing AR remote assistance solution.” – Fei Wu, founder and CEO of  LLVision.