XpertEye aR +

Multi-purpose video input

Supports various cameras (borescope, microscope, UV, PTZ, etc.)

Usage in low bandwidth areas

Satellite, WiFi or mobile networks with speeds below 1Mbit/sec

Easy controls

Intuitive menu, managed by multi-lingual voice commands

Highly secure

SSL connection, TLS encryption, confidential mode, no data storage, HIPAA compliant

Collaboration revolutionized

XE aR+ takes everything you love about XE aR and supercharges it. It’s not just hands-free with smart glasses, it’s a powerhouse of connectivity. It seamlessly integrates with third-party devices, from borescopes to microscopes, PTZ cameras to UV cameras, connected glasses, and beyond. All this, effortlessly controlled from your smartphone or tablet. It’s not just meeting your remote collaboration needs, it’s revolutionizing them!

XE aR+ on a smartphone / tablet

Third-party devices

Expand your visual horizons by connecting a vast array of video sources, be it a borescope, microscope, PTZ camera, thermal camera, or connected glasses, directly to your smartphone or tablet for streaming enriched views. It’s like having a multimedia studio in your pocket tailored to your specific use case and industry requirements!

Stand-alone mode

Capture the moment, even when offline! Record videos and snap pictures outside of a call, ready to share later. Your visual story, recorded and remembered.

Screen sharing

Effortlessly collaborate and maximize productivity by conveniently sharing your smartphone screen with other participants in the call.


Multitasking made easy! Continue using other applications while keeping the XE aR+ screen in view, thanks to a floating window that remains on top. Your attention, now optimally divided.

XE aR+ on smart glasses

On & Live

Power up to instant access:

  • On: launches XE aR+ on your smart glasses at startup
  • Live: remembers and secures your password for all future sessions

Your smart glasses, now smarter and more convenient!

Intuitive voice control

Experience ultimate ease with convenient, multi-lingual voice controls, enabling hands-free operation like never before. Just speak your command, and watch the magic unfold.

Remote flashlight control

Shine a light on your perspective, no matter the distance! With the power to remotely switch on the smart glasses’ torch, observers can enhance visibility instantly, making clarity a simple click away.

A versatile app, compatible with a wide range of devices

XE aR+ in action

Enhancing quality control

Michelin improves quality control by connecting a microscope to a smartphone and sharing high-quality images via XE aR+.

Implementing telementoring

Pr Mukisi Mukaza revolutionizes chronic wound care by adopting smart glasses to improve care and treatment follow-up of chronic wounds.

Leveraging aR for audits, quality control, and training

MilliporeSigma uses XE aR+ to leverage its global network of experts and remote supplier audits.

Empowering success with our dedicated project managers

Experience the power of our seasoned project managers to unlock the full potential of XE aR+
  • Master the ins and outs of XE aR+ with our comprehensive guidance
  • Access immediate, results-driven support whenever it’s needed
  • Boost user adoption of XE aR+ at lightning speed with our expert assistance
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