XpertEye On & Live

XpertEye On & Live assisted reality

All it takes is to press the power button of the smart glasses once to start collaborating instantly

Experience everyday wearability and hands-free, voice-activated remote collaboration now!
It’s really going to change the way your teams will collaborate in real-time to make faster and more informed decisions!

Facilitate knowledge transfer

Reduce the skill gap caused by a retiring workforce by connecting one remote mentor with many frontline workers.

Minimize equipment downtime

Get faster and better diagnosis of equipment failures through a direct connection with a distant expert.

Reduce travel

Benefit from 1T CO2 eq per month saved per XpertEye license used

Compatible smart glasses

cimo by moziware

AMA brings an AR powered remote collaboration solution on cimo’s ultra-compact & lightweight smart glasses. cimo is the latest voice-activated hands-free headset that is steadfast & ready to go!

RealWear Navigator 520

The Navigator 520 is the ultimate ruggedized AR solution designed to engage, empower, and elevate the modern frontline worker. Simply, press the On-button to launch XpertEye and start collaborating immediately!

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