AMA and Toyota Auto Body guarantee medical services everywhere with Medical Mover

Tokyo, Japan – August 8, 2023 – AMA, a publisher and integrator of secure productivity applications, announced today that AMA’s XpertEye remote assistance application has been chosen by Toyota Auto Body, a manufacturer of completely built-up minivans, commercial vehicles, and SUVs within the Toyota Group, to be deployed in the Medical Mover Demo Vehicle, a connected medical vehicle.

This innovative vehicle aims to provide medical care in mountainous regions, remote areas, and isolated islands lacking access to medical services. Leveraging Toyota Auto Body’s profound knowledge, technology, and expertise in commercial and welfare vehicles, the Medical Mover Demo Vehicle relies on XpertEye for remote assistance. The XpertEye application enables instant video communication from any device, facilitating secure and convenient online medical care.

XpertEye key benefits for the connected Medical Mover

  • App-free, browser-based calling: XpertEye allows browser-based calling without the need for installing any special application. Remote calls can be initiated seamlessly anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.
  • Effortless invitation link sharing: To simplify communication with medical professionals and stakeholders, XpertEye supports conference invitation link sharing. Simply send the link via email or SMS to establish a quick contact.
  • Versatile video capturing: XpertEye supports smartphones and tablets as well as hands-free smart glasses; it can also capture video from PTZ cameras and other peripheral devices, enabling real-time video sharing from remote locations to provide appropriate medical support.
  • Remote control by medical specialists: Specialists can remotely control each camera and point precise instructions. This precise support for on-site medical staff results in enhanced quality of medical services.
  • Support for high image quality even in low bandwidth areas: XpertEye adjusts video quality based on connection conditions and extends support to low bandwidth scenarios, such as in remote areas.
  • Advanced data protection: XpertEye guarantees advanced data protection. Critical medical data are not stored on its servers, which reduces security risks. XpertEye allows sharing medical information with peace of mind while respecting privacy.

AMA is committed to bridging regional medical disparities and promoting the well-being of numerous individuals by delivering secure and reliable telemedicine solutions. Through our collaboration with Toyota Auto Body, we aspire to extend telemedicine across a broader spectrum of areas, thereby contributing to society’s welfare.