Redefining Remote Assistance Using AR Smart Glasses

When there is a breakdown in a production line, time is of the essence. In order to restart the work, operators must get the malfunctioning equipment up and running as soon as possible. In the past, a technical expert would have had to fly out to the site and physically inspect the equipment, guiding the on-site operators to resolve the issue.

Today, with the advent of “remote assistance,” this is no longer the case. Now, on-site operators can connect with technical experts virtually anytime, anywhere, through connected technologies. Against this backdrop, AMA XpertEye—a frontrunner in digitalizing global remote support projects—has built its firm foundation in the marketplace with its disruptive suite of remote assistance solutions.
Today, not just manufacturing, but a multitude of other industries spanning transportation, oil & gas, construction, healthcare, and education are benefitting from AMA’s remote assistance solutions, thanks to its exceptional versatility. AMA’s array of offerings comprising XpertEye Lite, XpertEye Essential, and XpertEye Advanced can transmit information from a field technician to an offsite expert, who can then guide the on-site technician to fix the problem. “With a greater emphasis on design, our solutions tick all boxes: decreased time to resolution, faster decision making, optimized workflow and resources, and reduced CapEx and OpEx,” states Thomas Waendendries, VP of sales and marketing at AMA XpertEye.
Every solution of AMA has unique features and functionalities that enable businesses to fulfill their varying needs. To that extent, XpertEye Lite allows the on-site operators to connect with the faraway experts using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. As the solution is based on webRTC, it enables the participants to interact with each other—on a user-friendly interface—through a regular web browser and a secure link. XpertEye Lite also facilitates realtime file sharing, video conferencing, and image annotation.

Intertwined with the benefits of XpertEye Lite is the company’s other solution, XpertEye Essential, which brings to fore the concept of “see what I see (SWIS)” into remote assistance with the help of smart glasses. XpertEye Essential allows the remotely-located expert to see the same thing as the wearer of the AR glass on-site, thus, creating a common field of vision to resolve the issues quickly and effectively. With this groundbreaking solution, the company also overcomes the limitation of smartphones and tablets and augments its ability by going handsWith a greater emphasis on design, our solutions tick all boxes: decreased time to resolution, faster decision making, optimized workflow and resources, and reduced CapEx and OpEx free. The on-site technician can communicate with the remote expert via live video streaming while tackling an issue using both hands, which fosters greater flexibility in problem-solving. The smart glasses also have an integrated audio capability to make communication far more effective.
Making AMA’s offerings much more holistic is its cuttingedge solution, XpertEye Advanced, which supports video sources beyond smart glasses such as a microscope, endoscope, and thermal cameras.
This helps the users in gaining additional insights to make better decisions. XpertEye Advanced enables the XpertEye suite to work with 3G, 4G, WiFi, Ethernet, or even satellite connection, and automatically adjusts the video and audio quality for a better experience. In this regard, AMA has partnered with Inmarsat, a leading satellite telecommunications company, to provide exceptional video streaming capabilities over satellite connection at a low bandwidth. This enables the users to work from any geographical location, a facet that is largely benefitting the maritime sector.