How 5G will benefit the healthcare sector

With latency reduced to an almost instantaneous 1 milliseconds range between devices, high throughput and ultra-reliable communications 5G will accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. 5G is expected to act as a major growth driver leading to lower costs and increased value-based care instead of volume-based care.   Increase widespread adoption of remote […]


Industry 4.0 Factory Acceptance Tests

The importance of acceptance tests before delivering industrial equipment Factory equipment compliance is high priority since it is key to efficient quality production. To guarantee equipment compliance, acceptance tests must be performed before the delivery and before the final installation of the equipment. These tests are carried out at the factory by the manufacturer in […]


Washing your hands is important.
So is cleaning your devices !

Elevator buttons, handrails, gas pumps, door handles: It's impossible to avoid germ-infested surfaces in our daily lives, which is why it's essential to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. But what good will that do if you’re using a bacteria-covered device? To better protect yourselves, you should take the time necessary to disinfect the devices [...]

Remote assistance made easy with AMA

Service technicians equipped with smart glasses who are working on complex repair or operational problems can be helped visually by remote experts, while still having their hands free to execute guided instructions Today’s mobile devices, global internet access and cloud-based applications are transforming how, where and when we work. More than ever, knowledge is key […]


Keep your business running with remote assistance 

Your experts provide real-time support to field teams, customers and partners regardless of their location.   Company performance and competitiveness are currently being challenged by the protective measures that each and every one of us has to observe as we overcome this health crisis together. We are all affected and accountable, but the fact remains [...]

Redefining Remote Assistance Using AR Smart Glasses

When there is a breakdown in a production line, time is of the essence. In order to restart the work, operators must get the malfunctioning equipment up and running as soon as possible. In the past, a technical expert would have had to fly out to the site and physically inspect the equipment, guiding the [...]
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Telehealth: the time for change is now

The importance of connected healthcare   Emergencies: using remote assistance in the field  Used more and more by medical emergency responders, smart glasses are providing real added value to numerous scenarios on the ground. When used in an emergency, especially in cases of breathing difficulties, smart glasses can communicate accurate indicators to emergency medical dispatchers […]



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