Top 5 Technology trends shaping the smart workplace

What is a smart workplace? A recent global market study defines a smart workplace as the technology, solution, and services that connects, engages and enables people to work faster, better, and smarter. Undoubtedly, technology delivers new ways of working and improving workforce efficiency. Discover top technology trends that shape the smart workplace of today. #1 […]


Why it is time for tech companies to consider the deskless workforce

Workers with no desks According to the study “The state of technology for the deskless workforce” published by Emergence at the end of 2020, 80% of the workforce today is not operating behind a desk or from an office. This represents an estimated total of 2.7 billion workers across the world. A large number of […]


XR, VR, MR, AR, and aR, which technology to choose for your business?

1.Difference between XR, VR, MR, AR, and aR Professionals, looking to digitize their daily operations and implement smart workplace solutions adapted to their field of work, can have a hard time finding their way through the jungle of new technologies. Every day, new products and applications are introduced to the market. The tech terminology itself […]


Yoshimura Orimono: Transforming digitally with the help of assisted reality solutions

These days, many craftmanship integrate modern methods of working. But rare are the industries that still stick to their traditional ways of craft creation. Today, we are going to talk about the craftsmanship that continues to shine and thrive in this timeless city of Japan, Kyoto that successfully integrates remote collaboration solutions to transform digitally. […]


What is Assisted Reality? Here is what you need to know

Today, we are in the 4th industrial revolution and wearable technologies promise to unlock the potential for businesses that want to keep up with this industry. The Extended Reality market is growing rapidly and promises to be the next great leap to boost workers’ productivity. Today, let’s talk about Assisted Reality technologies and smart glasses, […]


What is Remote Visual Inspection?

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is a process to visually inspect an element remotely that needs both hardware and software to operate. Primarily used for safety concerns and cost reductions, this technique is ideal for inspecting sites that are unsafe for human intervention. Thanks to the technologies like 5G, Machine learning and Augmented & Assisted reality […]


Can smart glasses enhance the deskless workforce efficiency?

“14 million workers will be using smart glasses by 2025.” Forrester Smart glasses bring wireless connectivity and imaging we enjoy on a computer or smartphone into the frames and lenses of eyewear. Smart glasses use assisted reality (AR) software to add information on top to what the wearer sees. Some key advantages of smart glasses […]


How to choose the right smart glasses ?

Please consider the following 5 criteria when selecting your model. Use case and application: Different use cases call for different device requirements. You should consider in what kind of environment the glasses will be used. Will it be in an industrial setting where aspects like dust-tight, water resistant, shock resistant, approval for use in explosive […]


The rise of veterinary telemedicine

Veterinary telemedicine enables veterinarians to carry out remote consultations and use digital tools to request advice. Veterinary telemedicine has been authorized for use in the US since 2017. Veterinarians can offer clients telemedicine services as long as they have established a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR), as defined in the applicable state’s veterinary practice act. Veterinary telehealth is […]

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