Telehealth: the time for change is now

The importance of connected healthcare


Emergencies: using remote assistance in the field 

Used more and more by medical emergency responders, smart glasses are providing real added value to numerous scenarios on the ground. When used in an emergency, especially in cases of breathing difficulties, smart glasses can communicate accurate indicators to emergency medical dispatchers back at the casualty department, such as the general condition of the person requiring assistance (sweating, lip color, asphyxia, and so on). This kind of information is often lacking in the reports provided by the paramedics on site. Information that sometimes makes the difference and saves a life. Listen to the testimonial of Dr. Martinage, telemedicine project manager for a regional emergency medical services department in France, on the effectiveness of this solution.


Telemedicine, the future of remote consultation

Our solution also has its place in general medical practices. Indeed, making use of secure videoconferencing enables doctors to carry out their consultations simply and effectively. It works like this: The doctor uses their account to make a video call to one of their patients who only has to accept the invitation to start the consultation. There’s no requirement for the patient to install the solution, so contact is established with a minimum of fuss. Our solution works on tablets, smartphones, and even computers. XpertEye enables doctors to monitor and supervise their patients at all times. Our solution is currently being used by Dr. Ludovic Moy, an obstetrician-gynecologist practicing in the French city of Rennes. Discover his testimonial here.


Remote assistance for home healthcare

Home healthcare ensures continuity in outpatient treatment, particularly in the case of chronic wounds. Our solution enables a nurse to treat the wound to stream – in real-time – their field of vision to an off-site specialist physician. The latter can then assess the quality of the treatment through the eyes of the nurse and perhaps recommend changes in how the care is delivered, or prescribe follow-up care tailored to the patient’s situation and their environment. Indeed, smart glasses integrated into the XpertEye aR + range allow nurses to trigger live video streaming hands-free. What’s more, the Advanced range features a video compression system that is effective even when streaming across unstable networks. The XpertEye platform delivers secure video conferencing via an encrypted and HDS-certified healthcare data hosting solution. Advanced enables users to connect to other video sources, in particular dermatoscopes, to ensure specialist physicians can visualize very detailed images of the wound at all times, and receive precious information on, for example, areas of necrotic tissue.