RSE : Enhance Professionnals’ lives by Offering Innovative Solutions

Enhance Professionnals’ lives by Offering Innovative Solutions

L’innovation est dans l’ADN d’AMA, le cœur de notre métier. Tout comme les employés de bureau, les professionnels de terrain sont confrontés chaque jour à des problématiques auxquelles la technologie peut apporter des solutions. Ils ont eux aussi besoin d’un smart workplace, c’est-à-dire un environnement qui dématérialise différents aspects du travail, notamment :


Offering innovative solutions that will respond to the problems of professionals is a commitment that AMA and its teams make every day.

XpertEye is a solution that represents a bridge between two distant professionals who wish to train, collaborate, inspect, audit, repair.Innovating, contributing, and enabling our customers to perform by connecting, is XpertEye purpose. That’s the reason why AMA and the members of its management committee have chosen the sustainable development objective n°9, named innovation.

Customer satisfaction

The solution was co-developed with our customers and their feedback on our solution.

Originally, it was a healthcare professional who shared his mentoring problem with travel and resource constraints. XpertEye allowed him to share his progress live with a remote colleague and to exchange with his peers on the improvements of their protocols.

Even today, AMA’s project managers continue to collect the needs and problems of our customers daily. We have set up surveys to measure and progress.

Data security

Data security is a matter of attention.

Our solution does not store data, but our customers need to keep the exchanges within their teams confidential.

AMA is committed to this by recruiting talent trained in cybersecurity.

Wishing to have the measures and processes in place evaluated, and in the spirit of continuous improvement that drives us, we obtained ISO 27001 this year.

Easing access to care

XPertEye allows home care nurses, prison caregivers, or caregivers in remote areas such as islands to share treatment monitoring via video conferencing with a remote specialist. Thus, it can bring a care protocol to patients who are not able to travel and who could, if they had no solution, give up care.

Facilitating the collaboration between emergency physicians in the field and the regulator, this is a new model of care, in mobility, which allows a rapid and qualified care for the benefit of the patient.

AMA teams are happy to contribute to this progress through the development of the XPertEye solution.