Improve our environment impact

Improve our environment impact


Coached by sami, we’ve completed our fourth carbon footprint assessment, pinpointing key emission sources, and crafting a targeted reduction strategy.

  • Direct Emission Reduction
  • Awareness Initiatives
  • Local Carbon Sequestration Project
  • Client CO2 Emission Reduction

We set AMA SUSTAINABILITY AWARDS event to celebrate our customers contribution to preserve our planet.

Additionally, we’ve committed to reducing our carbon footprint by 42% by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement’s objectives to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100. This commitment has been validated by The Science-Based Targets initiatives.


We have joined the ecologic eco-organization for the treatment of our WEEE
(Waste of electric & electronic equipment).
Internally, collection boxes for old phones are made available to our employees. They are then taken care of by the “ateliers du bocage”, a rehabilitation company.
For other waste, sorting garbage cans are available in the offices. Our papers are collected and managed by “La Feuille d’Érable”, a local reintegration company, which also participates in raising awareness among young people and the active population.

CO2 avoided emissions by our customers, using XpertEye

The use of our XPertEye solution allows field professionals to collaborate remotely and thus avoid travel. Each trip avoided leads to avoided CO2 emissions.
A calculation made by the Good Planet Foundation based on the kits sold in 2020 shows that one kit avoids the equivalent of one ton of CO2 per kit per year, on average.


During the European Sustainable Development Week, AMAmates in France and in the subsidiaries were able to participate in various initiatives:
– Clean up moment (in Rennes, Cologne and Bucharest),
– Awareness of good IT practices,
– Mailbox cleaning challenge(14 giga equivalent271 kilos co2 canceled),
– Soft mobility challenge initiate by Rennes area.

A webinar conducted by local authorities about the way our daily waste are managed has been followed by 56 AMAmates with great enthousiasm and interest.