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Making healthcare more convenient.

Emergency care

Emergency responders can transmit in real-time a video of the scene of an accident to an emergency medical dispatcher to help them better assess the seriousness of the situation and provide a faster and more adapted response by removing the emotional context of the situation.


Evaluate and support the treatment of patients at a distance using live video conferencing. Make patients follow-up visits easier through live support of medical staff and expand access to niche medical specialists – despite their location – with our online HIPAA compliant scheduling software.


Making healthcare more convenient.


Remote doctors are able to guide on-site healthcare staff wearing smart glasses and show them what needs to be done during a medical procedure. On-site medical staff does no longer have to rely only on their own eyes and interpretations to execute the most precise tasks but they can use over-the-shoulder support by a remote expert to increase efficiency.

Live surgery

Save time in case of an emergency surgery. Instead of searching among papers or through medical records, surgeons can have access within seconds to real-time, life-saving patient information on the screen of their smart glasses.

Medical training

Better training, more confident practitioners and fewer errors.

Hands-on training

Provide remote, immersive training in real-time with HD video transmission from the surgeon’s point-of-view to demonstrate anatomy and surgical techniques to medical students.

Do what I do

Allow medical professionals to continuously observe and give feedback to remote students. Surgeons can show students what to do and how to do it, verify if the trainee is producing their gestures accurately and correct when necessary.

Medical training

Better training, more confident practitioners and fewer errors.


Allow students or residents to perform some procedures on a patient by themselves while being constantly monitored by a senior doctor. It can help trainees to gain independence and self – confidence. This method can also be used to record students’ actions and their evaluation.

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