[White Paper]: The Future of Work is Now

What is remote support?

Remote support is essentially advanced telepresence using an assisted reality mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or hands-free smart glasses to share one’s view of a situation
with another person or person(s) via live audio and point-of-view video. There’s no need to wait for a resolution, pay for an SME to travel, verbally explain or fumble with traditional video
conferencing solutions. The key feature is the real-time sharing of the user’s viewpoint, which enables see-what-I-see communication, and typically the remote professional’s ability to annotate the user’s screen or field of view (AR).

With remote support, companies today are:

  • Getting the most out of the workforce despite the skills gap
  • Reducing downtime (greater efficiency)
  • Saving on travel (immediate connection)
  • Accelerating digital transformation and seeing ancillary benefits like reduced training time and a lower carbon footprint
  • Developing new service offerings for customers
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