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Our Story

In 2013, AMA XpertEye attended Google I/O, Google’s annual developer conference in San Francisco.

We excitedly returned to France with Europe’s very first pair of Google Glass. Enthusiastic about the possibilities of this new technology,  AMA started brainstorming different ways to use Google Glass, some of which made the news in France.

One of those media impressions caught the eye of Dr. Philippe Collin, a world renown orthopedic surgeon based in France who quickly approached us with a problem he had as surgical mentor. He was traveling internationally on a regular basis to teach new surgical techniques. The travel time and scheduling was keeping him from opportunities to teach more and was hindering his ability to look after his own patients the way he wanted to. He asked AMA if there would be a way that he could use Google Glass to mentor trainees remotely.

One of the first tests, done with the help of Google Hangout, was the very first intercontinental live remotely mentored surgery between France and Japan with Google Glass. It was then that we were convinced of the potential of a remote assistance platform. Unfortunately, Google Hangout was discontinued a few weeks later and our CEO, Christian Guillemot made the decision to allocate resources into investigating the idea and Xpert Eye was born.

From Rennes (FR) to Boston (USA)

In January 2015 AMA opened it’s first U.S. office right outside of Boston in Cambridge, MA. As one of the leading tech hubs in the country and with over 300 tech and networking events happening weekly, Boston is a high energy, culturally diverse community with tremendous resources. Boston is also home to some of the brightest workforce talent anywhere in the world.

Our focus

Since then, AMA XpertEye has always focused on the user as the core of our product and has expanded its reach with hundreds of companies around the world on every continent. Xpert Eye is used in healthcare, filed service organizations, manufacturing, security, and insurance to name a few, and has dozens of use cases. Xpert Eye is a unique collaboration solution and an ideal platform for organizations looking to speed up processes, reduce downtime and travel while increasing customer satisfaction.

AMA XpertEye Touch

One mission: offering concrete solutions to help your company strive and succeed !

With Xpert Eye users as our primary focus, AMA has a dedicated customer success team that works both remotely and on-site to help customers develop long term customized success plans. Those plans include long term metrics tracking, user training programs, new technology deployment processes and more.

The customer success team communicates with the customer’s project team on a regular basis to track the solutions usage and to make sure set goals are on track. Their job is to be tenacious, and to understand what’s working well and where course corrections need to be made.

Finally, the customer success team works closely with our customers to identify opportunities for Xpert Eye to help them increase sales, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction, in ways which had not yet been considered. By having that expertise on hand, AMA is able to provide an unparalleled experience that creates long lasting value and a clear ROI.

A Global presence with a Local footprint

Used by hundreds of companies worldwide, there’s an AMA XpertEye office that can help you succeed, anywhere in the world.


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