Software platform for instructions
and digital inspections

Imagine you could

Increase your productivity by

Reduce your training
time by

quality by

traceability by

This is now made possible by the combination of Proceedix and XpertEye. Proceedix is a game-changing enterprise platform for the digital transformation of enterprise work flows by executing instructions and inspections with mobile and wearable technology.

The perfect symbiosis between our two solutions will allow you to gain efficiency by digitally integrating your own procedures and work instructions with XpertEye.

As well as serving procedures and instructions, Proceedix provides fully-featured workflow management, than can be adjusted to suit your needs. The application lets you include many types of procedures (tutorials, checklists, information documents, QR codes, etc.) that can automatically be matched to a variety of scenarios during use. Usage statistics can be extracted and databases can be integrated.

Authoring platform


Define the flow of your business processes on the Proceedix admin platform and grant execution permissions to authorized users and user groups.

Execution devices


Authorized users run Proceedix on their smartphone, tablet, PC or smart glasses. Step by step, the Proceedix app guides them through the workflow. All execution details are automatically logged.

Provide yourself some clearer guidance and work autonomously while being hands-free thanks to the head-up display provided by one of our smartglasses.