Use cases

XpertEye is currently used in more than 60 countries around the world.
Here are just some of its practical uses :

Remote maintenance

Assist your colleagues during maintenance operations or breakdown repairs by guiding them through repair procedures for a quicker fix.
This is a real-time hands free mobile solution.

Remote support

XpertEye offers fast remote support and reduces the need for support travel.
Reduce diagnostic errors and ensure quality control by using real-time audio and video support.

In-field assistance

The field worker can receive and share information in real-time while remaining hands free. This offers invaluable time savings, especially for emergency scenarios.

Transfer and sharing of knowledge

Knowledge and skill sharing, train workers faster using real-time interactive audio and video.
Share good practice using recordings from completed jobs.

XpertEye can also be integrated within your business applications to offer a customised solution for your requirements.

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