Financing options for bundled offers


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We offer a pilot package for all of our products to provide you a fully functional solution demonstration and ensure that it meets your needs.


For maximum flexibility, we offer different pricing plans for remote assistance, workflow management and scheduling adapted to your use case. We offer product bundles, including hardware, software and services, for an all-in-one experience.


Hewlett-Packard Financial Services (HPEFS) offers financing solutions that provide the agility you need to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies. HPE helps you build IT investment and lifecycle management strategies that enable digital transformation and help you stay flexible for future technology needs.

HPE is strongly committed to the circular economy. In this context, HPEFS offers 3 options at the end of the lease:

  1. Return of the equipment to HPEFS. In this case, you can send the material yourself or you can ask the HPE teams to come on-site to pack and ship the equipment for you. Once recovered by HPE, the equipment is numbered, tested and audited. Then, it will be valued at market value – either they go on the second-hand market or they are recycled until the last screw.
  2. Contract extension for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months at pre-defined fees.
  3. Purchase of the hardware by the customer at the end of the contract at a predefined depreciated value.

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