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AMA supports G’sundregion in digitizing medical care in rural areas


1. Challenges

G’sundregion is an interdisciplinary network of doctors from the Alb-Donau and Ulm region in Germany which is looking to improve medical care in remote areas. These areas are facing an increasingly aging population and a lack of access to local healthcare services.

Ideally, rural residents should be able to conveniently, confidently and in a timely manner access services such as primary care, dental care, emergency care, or other public health services. G’sundregion is using innovative technologies such as AMA’s XpertEye solution to address the pressing needs of people who live in rural areas.


2. Solutions

AMA’s remote assistance solution uses a secure audio-visual technology to connect care providers with remote specialists in order to optimize the communication between medical staff.

A healthcare professional, equipped with smart glasses, benefits for example from real-time guidance provided by a remote doctor while keeping his hands free to execute the most precise medical interventions.

From behind his desk, the remote doctor is virtually on-site and helps specialists on site improve ambulatory care to rural and/or immobile patients.


G’sundregion’s is seeing remote assistance as a key solution to address rural healthcare access issues, improve care quality and overall patients’ wellbeing. Our goal is to share AMA’s solution within our network so that everyone can benefit from this time-saving technology and provide high-quality medical care to patients.
Dr. Andreas Rost, Medical specialist for general medicine and Director of G’sundregion Management GmbH


3. Results

Thanks to the use of XpertEye, medical professionals can consult other specialists while treating patients.

The XpertEye solution combines both the expertise of healthcare staff and doctors from a remote location and allows G’sundregion to improve the treatment of chronic wounds.


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