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EDGYN relies on XpertEye to successfully conduct factory acceptance tests and site audits remotely


1. Challenges

EDGYN provides connected and secure authentication solutions to fight against illegal trade and counterfeiting. These have been deployed over 50 production lines and are currently protecting billions of products.

EDGYN is a fast-growing SME, with customers all over the world. The project audit, sites and lines installation, and maintenance of their secure authentication solutions (Adfirmia™ and Signoptic®) require a lot of traveling for their team.
To limit travel, simplify factory acceptance tests (FATs), facilitate analysis of production lines, and still stay close to customers even during these challenging times of COVID-19 pandemia, EDGYN turned to AMA.


2. Solutions

Due to travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19, it is becoming more and more difficult for customers to visit EDGYN to carry out factory acceptance tests before the delivery and final installation of the solution. Through the use of XpertEye Advanced remote assistance, EDGYN can now run these FATs with their customers live and make any modifications instantly when required. This way, EDGYN can guarantee that the quality criteria set by the customer and defined in the technical specifications are tested and verified. Now, when their solution arrives at the customer’s site, it should be able to be installed and get up and running quickly and smoothly, avoiding any malfunction that would lead to troubleshooting and thus additional resources, traveling, and costs.

Since EDGYN is rapidly expanding internationally, their team of experts cannot be everywhere at the same time to perform an in-depth analysis of customer’s product lines.
To optimize the expert’s time, they decided to equip their customers with XpertEye and Vuzix M300 smart glasses. EDGYN can hereby easily guide their customers live with clear text, illustrations, and video instructions. This direct interaction assures both parties that they have all the information needed to propose the right authentication solution for each product line. Thanks to the conference mode of XpertEye, the customer can even benefit from the expertise of different experts. Furthermore, EDGYN can easily organize a second factory visit if needed and get the required information instantly without incurring any travel expenses.


Since our field of work is brand protection, we must propose a highly secure remote assistance solution to our customers. The powerful, multi-source video, XpertEye solution not only offers full data security but also allows an immediate ROI by greatly reducing high travel expenses.
Thomas Boivin, Design and Industrialization Team Manager


3. Results

• Immediate access to insights from several experts
• Save time and costs
• Reduce travel
• Comfortable wearing solution with smart glasses mounted on safety helmets and a dedicated smartphone safely stored in the holster


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