Deploying smart glasses for rapid growth and massive cost savings

At OPTEL, “The after sale experience we deliver to our customers is far more important that the actual sale.” says Foltz, “OPTEL’s primary goals with using Xpert Eye are to support their field technicians and to support their customers”.

OPTEL has seen tremendous growth over the last five years, adding over 900 employees including 350 in 2016 alone. OPTEL’s product offerings are significant, and between training new staff, supporting their customers and working in a highly regulated industry, OPTEL needed a collaboration solution to fit their long-term goals.

OPTEL is a leading multinational provider of traceability and serialization systems. Headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, OPTEL’s renowned products provide inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry all around the world.

OPTEL’s expertise allows diverse industries to measure, inspect, control and track a variety of elements to improve quality and make better use of resources. Read more

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