Manufacturing companies around the world are experiencing a shortage in technical expertise to help solve their problems. According to the Pew Research Center, 10,000 baby boomers are reaching age 65 every day as the knowledge gap between senior and junior employees increases. Companies need to find innovative ways to retain the expertise of those senior employees while efficiently developing the next generation coming up after them. High demand senior employees are often pulled in many directions across various distances to help solve problems that require their expertise. In many cases, employees in the field require help in low bandwidth areas where a phone call is not enough to resolve the issue. This causes delays in resolution and production and can severely impact customer satisfaction.

Based on data from existing customers, here are some results of how Xpert Eye is Impacting Once Crippling Issues in Manufacturing:

  • The need to send a technician to a customer’s location lowered 52%, saving hundreds, thousands and in some cases, a million dollars a day, while allowing technicians to focus on locations that needed on site visits.
  • Employee productivity levels increased 18% from the transfer of knowledge from senior to junior level technicians.
  • Knowledge Retention levels for junior technicians increased 67% when collaborating with a remote expert.
  • Resolution time decreased 40% increasing production up time.

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