While AR technology continues to be at the top of every construction company’s wish list, the technology presents multiple deployment issues including, security, safety and low bandwidth needs.

Employees often work in remote locations across great distances from decision makers which causes massive delays. Inspection teams, mechanical repairs, and others vital to the project are regularly called upon for their expertise which can take hours and even days to schedule. Remote repairs and maintenance are clear proof-of-concept applications, but most solutions don’t work well unless 4G connectivity is available. Construction field teams need to leverage new collaboration tools to achieve higher-quality decision-making on job sites.

Based on data from existing customers, here are some results of how Xpert Eye helps Construction companies Improve and Fasten Processes with Smart Glasses:

Inspection teams gain immediate remote access to construction sites, avoiding unnecessary delays if a remote inspection is sufficient.

Remote mechanical experts and product manufacturers can walk field technicians through repairs reducing substantial amounts of down time…