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What does it mean to be a certified partner of the “Glass at Work” program?

Glass at Work Certified Partner
“Companies selected by the California giant were the result of a strict selection process. The Certified Partner Program is intended to guarantee professional clients of Glass that these partners can support them seamlessly in Google Glass integration projects as a tool for production, supervision, maintenance, surveillance, training…,” says ABAVALA tech blog

How Was AMA Selected?

It was in 2013, at the Google I/O that AMA, publisher and developer of mobile games, discovered the first connected glasses offered by GoogleTM.
AMA’s communication about this event drew the attention of a surgeon, Philippe Collin. He met with AMA and shared a problem and mutual need for remote mentoring with his Japanese colleagues.

From this conversation grew the idea to pivot, and to wholly embrace the clear need for a superior remote assistance solution.
In 2014, GoogleTM encouraged development of business applications by creating its “Glass at Work” network. GoogleTM selected developers with expertise to develop high value-added solutions for professionals.
On October 21, 2014, AMA received its certification as one of only 2 European companies to be selected for first group of 10 companies in 2014.

What audience and markets are there for the Xperteye solution developed by AMA?

Although AMA initially planned to specialize in medical problems, it was quickly made clear that remote assistance has a place in every industry that could benefit from a second opinion in real time. Whether for field training, quality assurance or remote troubleshooting, the ability to simultaneously stream one’s vision for a remote expert grew in its scope and applicability.

Since 2014, as more and more problems arise in the field, the need for a remote assistance solution grows in tandem. Customers are increasingly seeing the need for a remote tool in the field and are gradually coming around to the industry 4.0 evolution.

How has the technology evolved in the last 4 years?

In smart glasses, since the Google Glass was released, there have been many new entrances into the wearables the market.
With a B2B target, the range of smart glasses has evolved and diversified according to business constraints (some are more adapted to hostile and demanding environments in terms of robustness)

How has company’s attitude to the digital transformation evolved as well?

The business model has evolved for AMA since 2014. Indeed, until the beginning of the year it was mainly being tested in the form of pilot programs that innovation teams have ordered to test the Xperteye solution in the field. Since the spring, there has been a lot of changes for AMA, with customers moving on to transformation and wider deployment across the planet. The solution is currently deployed in over 60 countries and at over 1,200 sites around the world.

What does the future hold for AMA?

AMA has come a long way since 2014, both in efficiency and size. By taking this turn from the first glasses, AMA has been able to assert its expertise, establish new partnerships with smart glass manufacturers and be among the leaders of connected smart glass business solutions. By taking advantage of a hardware and software coupled solution from the outset, AMA is able to offer an innovative turnkey solution. In its approach of supporting its customers well in advance, AMA has also worked together with its customers’ workflow by developing key partnerships as well. The company has quickly built its offering with endoscopes and other accessories, allowing its Xperteye solution to be considered a 2.0 tool box for 4.0 industries.


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