AMA closed 2018 with a three-digit growth rate.

It’s a real motivator to continue serving our customers with energy and excellence.
In this month of January, it is the occasion to look back on some of 2018’s strongest moments.


There is the recognition of our expertise by the French Tech with the inclusion of AMA as a full digital player in the French ecosystem.

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It is important, of course, but we are especially aware that in B2B, more than elsewhere, it is the customer who validates your performance and therefore, they are the ones who are best fit to speak with regards to it…
SNCF Digital‘s recent social media publications, detailing the features of the solution, reinforce our desire to support our customers in the experimentation of our solution.
Among our customers’ tweets, that of Air Liquid on the contribution of the XpertEye solution in the digital transformation of Industry 4.0 is also a beautiful testimony.
Finally accessibility is another important value, highlighted by Erwan Cotatanea, the president of Sodistra, on the platform of the forum of SMEs. Indeed he confided that access to innovation such as that of the AMA solution was accessible and that even for an SME.


AMA, in its development, also wanted to better meet the expectations of its customers and integrate into their organization and tools already in place. And since the signing of a partnership with Proceedix*, in 2018, we can now, together, cover the needs of our respective customers all of us being engaged in the digital transformation.
*Proceedix is a central platform for remote management of business processes, tasks to perform (inspection, follow-up procedures/checklist) and quality controls.


AMA welcomed the study published in January 2018 by the prestigious University of California, UCLA, as an encouragement. In fact, the team of Professor Jeffrey Saver, in the Department of Neurology, published the results of his study on the benefits of treating stroke patients, using our XpertEye solution.


The rewards, whether attributed to our customers or our teams, remain a pride we have experienced, this year in 2018.
With the St Helier Center in Rennes, which won an innovation award with the use of our solution in telemedicine.
And with our German subsidiary, which won the first prize in the competition launched by KBV (The Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung – for the “Medicine of the future” among 60 postulant companies.
As the governing body of the main German health insurance associations, KBV could be compared to our Social Security. Around 72 million Germans benefit from KVB’s health insurance.
This will allow AMA to integrate the “KVB Doctors Future Office” Program so that our solution will be tested in 2019 by participating doctors and medical institutions.


Another indicator of work, throughout this year 2018, AMA teams who have traveled the planet to present the XpertEye solution at trade shows.
The CES is obviously the first show of the year and one of the most recognized. In this reminiscence we put the spotlight on the following events:
The Laval Virtual which remains a place of innovation par excellence.

The #UED2018

The XpertEye solution has been introduced in defense; a lesser known area of activity. It was the second year of the dynamic days of the Defense Summer School. These days spent dedicated to innovation have allowed us to imagine an improved soldier.

In England, AMA exhibited at the #NHSExpo, UK’s premier health center, but also at the AR/VR Innovation Show, where our UK subsidiary director gave a lecture.

In Bucharest, our Romanian subsidiary participated for the second year at the Mobile World Internet event in Bucharest which brings digital solutions experts together.

In the United States, AMA has been a regular exhibitor at the EWTS for the past three years, putting the connected objects and business applications at the heart of the event, inviting a circle of experts, manufacturers and limited developers.

Outside the trade shows, our customers organize innovation days as well. It was during a Renault event that the Spanish president was able to test the XpertEye solution on Vuzix smart glasses.


Finally, AMA has been the subject of press releases and in particular in the field of health.

Since, this year, the University Hospital of Nantes has experimented the XpertEye solution within the interventions of the emergency department. As the project leader for the SAMU 44, Dr. Martinage used the solution on smart glasses as a regulation tool. True companion 3.0 for rescue tools, the solution, allows a direct link between the regulation and emergency responders during interventions.

Another case of health use, this is telemedicine in the treatment of chronic wounds and this is happening in Guadeloupe, where the ARS tested a pilot with XpertEye


By the end of 2018, the XpertEye solution around the world was used in more than 1300 sites and across more than 70 cities.

We would like to thank our employees, our customers and our partners, because it was with them and thanks to them that we were able to make all of these achievements possible.
We wish you a very happy new year 2019; may it be inspiring and fruitful.

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By Marie-Anne DENIS

Communication Manager at AMA XpertEye

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