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Once upon a time…when it all began

AMA means Advanced Mobile applications.

Before starting developing business applications on wearables, AMA created mobile phone applications.

In 2013, Our head of production, Guillaume Campion was attending the famous annual conference Google i/o, in the Bay area and landed in Europa with the first Google Glass.

AMA team started developing games on the glasses but the device didn’t fit, the screen was a bit smaller for gaming display.

However the innovative device seduced a surgeon Philippe Collin, who called AMA to share his mentoring challenges with Japan surgeons and that’s really how the Xperteye remote assistance concept was born.

Production model is now different.

At the opposite of AMA Gaming philosophy, it’s the field user feedback’s, the red line (recipe) for AMA development on this B2B new mission.

In 2014, two major events happened strengthening the Xperteye launch:

  • Following AMA field pilots on surgeon mentoring and on telemedicine in chronicles wounds follow up, AMA confirmed its will to solve professionals needs, experiencing live on the field And that’s the main reason why Google selected AMA to join its “Glass at Work”
  • AMA assisted surgeon Philippe Colin during the first live broadcast surgery between France and Japan, on February 2014, the fourteenth.

He was mentoring professor Goto in Nagoya, from his operating room in France. The media impact of this event highlighted the quality of AMA project and helped AMA expanded healthcare POC*.

POC= proof of concept



It was really a very busy year spent most of the time testing on the field. This development time was really a live partnership with healthcare professionals,

testing on site with the nurse and the doctors,

setting up focus group to get their requirements. AMA teams spent time in operating room, in nursing home, with nurses at patient’s home, but also with emergency teams (ambulance, hospital regulation center to study and observe the daily follow up.

The main challenge of 2015, was to set up a skilled team to develop an innovative and performed solution. AMA opened a search and development studio.

XpertEye the solution developed by AMA was delivered as a “plug and play” medical Assisted Reality solution package. This first version was delivered with a computer driving the smart glasses.

XpertEye Advanced is released on May 2015 and the first customer was a French ambulance company.

The case was to share on an emergency site the vision of the first responder with the hospital regulation to get assistance, triage to direct the patient to the right and best hospital center adapted to his disease.



In 2016, Xperteye, the solution developed by AMA was upgraded to meet mobility customers requirement’s and a mobile offer in addition to the computer one completed XpertEye portfolio.

In 2016, deploying the solution through POC and pilots in telemedicine and emergency areas, AMA caught the interest of industry.

Starting on the healthcare, is not the easy part but as medical expectations are very high, industrial companies get more confident to recognize your expertise.

Trust the competence and the expertise is Christian Guillemot’s philosophy. So, in this similar idea, AMA’s chairman decided to organize AMA company, by job area with a focus on customers requirement and customers support.

So each sales team added a project manager to support customer from the very beginning of the trial.

AMA built an operation team in charge of deploying the solution with support and training teams.

AMA did first industrial pilots, in 2016. It was mainly about remote maintenance. AMA started dealing with top 500 industries and as they work everywhere, AMA decided to set up subsidiaries, to stay closer to its customers. 

It was the initial roll-out in industry and the medical sector abroad and the opening of subsidiaries in Boston (US) and Bucharest (RO).

AMA, also start showcasing Xperteye, attending in over 50 events worldwide (AWE, EWTS, CES, Smart Industries, ARVR, medical congresses, etc.).


2017 #Award. #UserStories #NewOffices #Hiring

XpertEye won the Operational Performance Award at the Smart Rail Europe Innovation Awards. Smart Rail is a global series of rail technology exhibitions and congress’, that bring together over 1000 rail and metro innovators, strategic leaders, project managers and technical specialists from across the industry to drive innovation, establish best practice and develop an efficient, reliable and competitive network. This Innovation Awards aimed at supporting and promoting innovation that will make a positive difference for the rail and metro industry. It’s focus on operational performance and came from professional organization it was really great encouragements for all AMA teams. It is for us a true achievement and a tremendous recognition of our work and product.

B2B innovation, sharing customer experience is complex because of competition. But even in B2B, people are human and keep their consumer mind wanting to trust what they see. And  the feedback user is the only way to make clear how you have added value. In 2017, AMA customer’s started sharing their Xperteye user stories.

AMA, also, strengthened its international expansion setting up new offices in #Germany and in the #UnitedKingdom.

This year, AMA teams supported customers in over 250 projects worldwide and to face that expansion, AMA HR was quiet busy hiring half of the employees.


2018 #Publication #AWARDS #XPERTEYE #GROWTH

A first scientist publication happened beginning of 2018, results of 2 years presence, in USA.

UCLA has been conducting a research study using XpertEye .

The aim of the study was to see if a remote examination lead to the same results as an in person examination . The study conducted by professor Saver and his team at UCLA has been shared at ISC18 in LA, after one year of experience.

The rewards, whether attributed to our customers or our teams, remain a pride we have experienced, this year in 2018.
With the St Helier Center in Rennes, (France) which won an innovation award with the use of our solution in telemedicine.
And with our German subsidiary, which won the first prize in the competition launched by KBV for the “Medicine of the future” among 60 postulant companies. Around 72 million Germans benefit from KVB’s health insurance.

In 2018, Xperteye portfolio kept expanding and AMA launched two new products:

Xe Lite and Xe Essential in addition to Xe Advanced, effectively increasing uses for a deskless workforce. In the same period, company managed introduction on the market in Spain.

AMA supported 480 medical and industrial projects.

By the end of 2018, the XpertEye solution around the world was used in more than 1300 sites and across more than 70 cities.

AMA closed 2018 with a three-digit growth rate.



The year is not finished yet, but we could already share three key events in AMA’s life this year.

The first one is Asia AMA subsidiaries’ opening this summer in Hong-Kong and Shanghai. It’s a key area when you aim to lead your market and AMA Asian team already registered to attend 10 Tech events in the last 2019 quarter.

Other main evolution is the Strengthening of the partnership strategy with the inclusion of new platforms (Proceedix and Schedule) and the secure operator partnership with Dust for an increasingly advanced range of products and services.

And other fact to ease AMA growth is the Great Place to Work Label AMA Headquarters’ team received in April, in Paris. In Tech area, it’s a challenge to attract skilled people and when your employer brand practices are rewarded, it’s helpful.

French AMA team joined the 50 bestworkplaces palmares.

This is good news for Amandine, AMA’s Human Resources manager, who has seen the company’s headcount increase five-fold in three years. Originally, the real motivation for applying for the label was actually a culture audit, which is a powerful diagnostic tool for helping a booming startup to confirm that the values championed by the company are aligned with its employees’ expectations. It also gages sentiment and provides a lever for progress, as Amandine explains: “We believe that feeling at ease and getting along with co-workers helps us to work together more effectively”.

Innovation is in AMA DNA, we’ll keep exploring new developments and working closely with our partners and customers to provide a technology meeting their expectations. We’ll keep meeting with companies and innovative thinkers around the world to better understand our users’ challenges and come across new use cases where we could help. And the best part about it is that we’ll keep doing it surrounded by a talented team that works every day to make this project real and grow!

By Marie-Anne DENIS

Communication Director AMA XpertEye

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