Pr Mukisi Mukaza reshapes the healing of chronic wounds with aid of telementoring


Guadeloupe has only a few specialists for the follow-up of chronic wounds and difficult scars. These wounds are often observed with patients that are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, vascular complications, etc. and represent a significant cost to the health care system. Patients are often living far away from the hospital or in remote areas where noexpert is available. Pr Mukisi Mukaza, an orthopedic trauma surgeon and expert in the treatment of chronic wounds, was looking for a technology that allows him to monitor a group of patients remotely to avoid unnecessary travels.

Proposed solution

Pr Mukisi Mukaza adopted XpertEye Advanced on Vuzix smart glasses to improve care and treatment follow-up of chronic wounds in the territory. He uses the solution in two ways: for teleconsulting and telementoring of a nurse who is cleaning the chronic wound at the patient’s home. Equipped with smart glasses, the nurse can continue to work hands-free and communicate directly with Pr Mukisi Mukaza. Through live video conferencing he can guide and supervise the gestures of the nurse.

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